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Permanent Hair Removal / EPI

Developed by a team of Doctor’s and bio-chemist’s, the Epilar System is Europe’s leading method of permanent reduction of unwanted hair with over 70,000 succesful applications.Launched in 2004 ,the Epilar System is for men and women and works on virtually all skin types and hair colours.

  • All skin types
  • Any hair colour
  • Less expensive than electrolysis or laser
  • Increases intervals between waxing
  • For both mail and female clients
  • Simple to apply
  • Can be combined with other epilation depilation methods

How the Epilar System Works
The Epilar® system includes two patent pending gels that are massaged into the skin immediately after a waxing, electrolysis or any other method that removes the hair at its root which involves all methods of hair removal where the hair is plucked from the follicle e.g. waxing, threading or tweezer method

Epilar® is also ideally suited for use where laser ot IPL is contra-indicated, for instance:- dark skin types and/or blonde or red hair.

Epilar® can provide similar results in hair reduction at a fraction of the cost of laser treatments.

The Epilar® system works on the hair follicles that are left empty after the waxing or other depilation, specifically in those hair follicles that are open and empty and on the hairs that are open and empty and on the hairs that are in active growth phase.

Epilar has been tested for effectiveness and safety with convincing results.The active ingredient is the proteolitic and natural enzyme Trypsin,which acts specifically on the proteins in the cells cannot survive without protein,they are destroyed and the hair growth conseguently stopped

Advantages of the Epilar® System

  • Removes unwanted hair
  • Gentle and efficient with no side effects
  • A session only takes a few minutes
  • Works on all skin types and all hair colours anywhere on the body
  • Price for treatment lower than other lasting methods
  • Solarium/Sunbathing prior to session no influence on effect
  • Well tolerated – allergy tested with no adverse results
  • Product not tested on animals

Depending on the area of the body,applicationof the Epilar System takes only minutes,is virtually painless, and leaves the treated area of the skin smooth and supple between treatments. Re-growth time will be doubled and the number of hairs reduced by at least 20% by each treatment.There is signifikant reduction in the amount of the hair after just 2-3 treatments.