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by  Dr.med. Christiene Schrammek

Competent In Skin Care & Problem Solving

Why do women go to beauty salon or beauty clinic? Besides professional skin care and facial treatments, one essential aspect is the relaxing experience.  And an important factor is our hands.  Because a soft touch is soothing, feels good, and also contributes to reducing stress. At the same time, our costumer’s skin receives intensive care with effective ingredients.  And a beautiful complexion will always have a positive effect on the way our costumers feels.

Our beauty clinic offering clearly –out lined, competent treatment that is stream-lined to the individual costumers needs.  Individuality and innovative treatments are important in today’s fast paced environment. Our clinic must always stay abreast of the latest developments and offer a competitive spectrum of product and treatments.

Skin Has So Many  Faces – we offer you  the skincare and treatments solution for any skin condition , for women and men,  any age, for all of us …

Dr. med Christine Schrammek  derma.cosmetic treatments is specially formulated for the individual skin needs to our clients. With our derma. cosmetics skincare products we offer you solution developed by doctor/ dermatologist/ allergologist   that meet the highest demands.

This is a way to a more beautiful and healthy skin in harmony with nature

Hydra Cool Treatment

“Refreshing Like A Bath In The Sea”

The skin feel taut and dry ? A very common skin condition caused by a lack of moisture. As usual process water is continuously evaporated through the skin’s surface. If the trans-epidermal loss of water exceeds the supply of moisture the skin’s balance is disturbed.  Environmental influences ,effects of the sun, heating and air conditioning as well as age –related factors lead to imbalanced skin. As an effect  the skin has feelings of tautness. HYDRO COOL offers help in cases of dry skin and is especially suitable for treatments with cooling effect during the summer.

75 min   £55

Active Clearing Treatment

 “Skin Problem – No Thank You !”

No matter whether you are young or young at heart shining skin areas, comedones, purulent pustules and papules often influence our  inner harmony. There are numerous reasons for these skin problems: hormones, bacteria, stress and environmental influence. ACTIVE CLEARING TREATMENT  will reach the following treatments goals: reduction sebum, removal of hyper-keratosis, clearing of impurities, combat inflammations, normalising of the skin barrier function and above all maintaining the skin’s moisture content.

75 min   £60

90 min   £70

Sensiderm Treatment

“If The Skin Sends SOS”

The sensitivity of skin is influenced by numerous endogenous and exogenous factors. Among these are the hormone level, age, sebum production, poor nutrition, bad circulation, medication, climate, humidity, seasons, UV-radiation, frequent contact with water, solvents, soaps, mechanical irritation, stress and above all psychological aspects. Visible characteristics of sensitive skin are redness, light flakiness and dilated capillaries, inflammation, wheals, keratinization and reduced blood circulation. Additionally there are personal aspects like itching,  feeling of tautness or burning sensation.

80 min  £65

Stress Protect Treatment

“Anti –Stress Program For Extremely Sensitive Skin”

A treatment that promotes the resistance of dry skin with a low threshold thanks to its holistic anti-stress program. It strengthens the skin’s barrier function and gives a relaxing, holistic skin and body feeling.

90 min  £70

Vital Beauty Treatment

“Mini Lifting For Cosmetic Booth”

Gorgeous treatment for all costumers with mature skin and reduced elasticity of the skin. This classical cosmetic treatment offers not only regeneration but also profylaxis for stressed skin. The skin receives new energy and its repair mechanisms are activated. An extraordinary bandage technique provides a mini-lifting and a firmer skin feeling.

90 min £70

Anti – Ox Facial Treatment

“Serious Skin Luxury And Premium  Care”

There is a certain clientele which values exclusive care and unique treatment concept. Just think of the big and minor celebrities who use only mineral water for their skin and hair. Our customers also want,  to feel the glamour of premium treatment, and with  it  the power of intelligent ingredient combination. In the Anti – Ox facial treatment, we use the antioxidant effect of green tea, and enrich  it with  compress water and the wonderful occlusive algae mask. In Revolution & Impression Beauty we let our clients dive into the Premium Treatment series and utilize the power of antioxidants.

90 min  £70

Mela Wave Treatment

“Stop Your Dark Spots –Even The Skin”

Our treatment goal is diminishing and clarifying hyperpigmentation in a gentle way and the same time to stimulate the cell regeneration. The serum does not only significantly influence the clarification of the skin but also promotes the collagen synthesis with vitamin C and has anti- oxidative properties. Mela  Wave can be used in the cosmetic booth as a special treatment against  hyperpigmentation in the face and other areas of the body. For a quick and efficient result of the treatment we recommend a combination with the GREEN PEEL method. More: http://www.revolution-beauty.co.uk/green-peel-dr-med-ch-schrammek

80 min  £80

Beauty Flash

“When You Are In A Hurry”

This treatment is suiable for all skin types and can individually be adapted thanks to the different concentrates. It is very attractive especially with regards to the short period of time and the amazing result. During the lunch time, in the evening or for special occasions, the quickly becomes vital, relaxed, smooth and elastic.

45 min £30

Special Area Effect Treatment


Cool Eyes Treatment

“For More Than Just A Moment”

Blinking, winking, beaming, flirting ….. our eyes have a lot to do. There are up to 10, 000 eyelid impacts and eye movements per day  hard work for the delicate area around the eyes! Take a break for your eyes! This refreshing, cooling eye treatment against small wrinkles and swelling can be included to every facial treatment and will result in bright eyes!

It’s FREE of charge with any medical facial treatments.


Herbal Beauty   Treatments

“Beauty In Harmony With Nature”

Carefully selected and compounded, herbal mixture in powdered form that support the skin’s  own  function. No chemical additives. Individually adjusted to client’s skin care needs so you can pamper the skin with natural organic product.

Each Herbal Beauty Treatment’s contains a gentle cleansing, a skin peel formulated to the individual skin condition and a plant-based mask in line with your personal skin tye. This is applied with a gentle melting foam. Afterwards, you receive a relaxing massage with individually selected GREEN PEEL  R Herbal Active concentrates. He treatment is rounded off with a soothing skincare ritual with an exclusive beauty power product.


Herbal Beauty  Facial


For demanding, mature and dry skin.  The skin feel smooth and firm after the regenerating, moisturising Herbal Beauty Vital Treatment which gently increases blood circulation.  Precious plant extracts make your skin immediately radiant.

60 min  £45

Herbal Beauty Facial


For sensitive, irritated and stressed  skin. The skin feels visibly calmed and balanced after the Herbal Beauty Relax Treatment. It gives the skin new energy for its natural defence mechanisms and harmonious radiance through a combination of valuable plant extract

60 min £45

Herbal Beauty Treatment


For impure ,oily skin which tends to blemishes.A clear,refined skin appearance, this is the goal of the Herbal Beauty Pure Treatment. You maintain a smooth skin appearance thanks to the ability of the specially balanced plant extracts to soothe away irritation and reduce sebum.

60 min  £55