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BDR Beauty Defect Repair Treatment

BDR Beauty Defect Repair System

The Medical Beauty Concept – The treatment method of the future
Is a combination of synergetic dermaceutical products and an innovative device system.  Achieving the best skin regeneration to active age repair.
The Medical Beauty Defect Repair is sensational for skin improvement in:
deep wrinkles, acne and inflammation, sun-damaged skin, scars and weals.


In the last few years, BDR  has established itself as a specialist in the field of medically oriented skin care.  It is no longer a secret that an intelligent combination of dermaceutical ingredients, individual treatment procedures and device technology can result in visible and long-lasting successes.
Our research, carried out by the company BDR, is continuing to follow further goals with regard to the organ of the skin, its functions and problems and treatment methods.  BDR is recommended as a secret tip by experts in the specialist literature.
Numerous doctors have replaced previous cosmetic-medical treatments with the innovative BDR method. These treatment methods – unique throughout the world – are also practised in a professional Beauty Clinic.
Thanks to the BDR technology we have managed to reactivate intensively the reconstruction of the skin, even in cases of deep lines and skin function disorders. The interaction of technology and the specially developed dermaceutical active ingredients means that the auto-regenerative process is activated directly in the skin areas affected.
The new light technology “Calming Light” by BDR, in combination with the new Pure Harmony series, has a positive effect on skin problems such as acne, sensitive and immune-deficient skin.

BDR – A new era in aesthetics

A new era in aesthetics is expanding all over the world; the BDR medical beauty concept offers the complete formula focused on the demands of an even more informed market, concentrated on research into beauty and aesthetics.
Innovative technology, intelligent protocols, specifically developed dermaceutical active ingredients, professionally trained Beauty therapists all work in synergy making it possible to target and regenerate the problematic skin areas. The BDR medical beauty concept reactivates defects in the skins structure and regenerates skin in even the deepest wrinkles.

Surgical results without the surgeon

BDR gives you the results you want today, after only one treatment you will notice actual visible results. Treated skin will feel tighter and smoother with lines and wrinkles plumped and filled.
BDR – Aesthetic and Medical  Concept with maximum compatibility and effectiveness
All previous products and methods fail to transport active ingredients deeply into the appropriate skin layers to successfully provide continuous and intensive care where it’s needed most BDR has managed to overcome this barrier. The BDR research laboratories have created a completely new series of biotechnological derma care products.
Innovative emulsion technology combines the company’s most valuable natural substances with micro molecular optimized essences. Our team of specialists have developed a combination of modern paramedical equipment technology and dermaceutical active substance serums that turn dreams into reality:
Reverse skin aging! Turn back the clock with BDR!


Beauty Defect Repair is a unique treatment method that combines a variety of techniques. The treatments are tailored to every type of skin complaint and work by restoring and enhancing the skin’s natural ability to renew itself. The result is an immediate improvement in the health, quality and appearance of your skin.
Beauty Defect Repair techniques include fruit acid skin peel, a BDR-patented alternative to microdermabrasion, micro skin needling, blue light therapy, lymphatic massage, circulation massage and rejuvenation using red LED light therapy. Combining all those non-invasive techniques with BDR professional skincare products makes it a safe and effective alternative to other treatments on the market.

BDR is particularly recommended for the following skin conditions:
• dehydrated, dry skin and skin in need of regeneration
• sun damaged, calloused skin
• sensitive and immune compromised skin
• impure, oily or acne skin (also mature acne)
• scars and wrinkles
• tissue weakness
• age-controlling care
With BDR, any skin condition even sensitive or allergy prone skin can be treated, regardless of age.

It is also suitable to treat your skin before and after plastic surgery

Revolution & Impression Beauty Clinic  BDR – Experience

Beauty Defect Repair Treatment
We have more than 250 #happycustomers with dramatic results.
And more than 1500 treatments done from March 28th 2014
Skin care specialist Jeannette Forgacova
Professional Beautician  Barbara Zapletalova


“From the very first time I used the BDR beauty products, I fell madly in love! It sold me on BDR Beauty instantly — I can’t wait for that feeling … clean, energized and ready for more beautiful product! ,,

Carolyne C. London

My Life story with  Janine S. London
,,March 2014
Suffered with problem skin since my teens – dread to think what I have spent on products, facials over the years not really understanding the route causes to my skin problems.
My skin breakouts made me stressed and impacted my self confidence.
My skin was dry & oily, with constant breakouts, developed wrinkles & scars, dull – not nice in yr 30’s !
I spent a fortune on leading brands products, facials, which were actually making my skin worse, but of course I didn’t know that!
Basically, I had no idea about how my skin works.  There are some many deeper layers of skin which leading brand products cannot touch.
Then I met Jeannette, who gave me a new perspective on my problem skin, a new experience. The BDR ‘skin science’ makes perfect sense.
Once I had my first BDR facial,  Jeannette suggested I invest in BDR products too – at first with treatments (frequent at first) and the range of products it feels like a huge investment – I must admit I had some doubts.

July 2014

My skin gradually over 2-3months (about 8-10 treatments) started to regulate the oil. Skin was clearer, less oily with some breakouts. With BDR your skin seems to get worse before improving, so keeping faith is key.

The BDR products are nice to apply, of great quality, smell great & really work.
You have to stick with BDR – it is a long term investment and fix.
Jeannette has an excellent knowledge of BDR and offers a wonderful BDR treatment and experience each time and always endeavours to resolve each customers specific problems.
In addition Jeannette has a wider wealth of knowledge about skin and is able to explain ‘the science’ – how BDR works within your skin, how it combats problems – this is key for a customer to believe and invest in BDR.

January 2015

I know have a BDR treatment every 4-6 weeks & continue with BDR products.  My skin is problem free, youthful, clear, oil free, no dryness, scars are reduced – less of a worry in life!!
I am very pleased with the results & with continue to invest in BDR products and treatments  🙂
I am so pleased I found BDR and Jeannette, a wonderful ambassador of BDR.


“I am a 16 year old boy and for a few years now I have been battling acne and oily skin. I have tried so many different products and home treatments, and none of them have worked properly for me, and some even made my skin worse. A few months ago my mum heard about ‘Revolution & Impression Beauty’ a clinic around 5 minutes walk from Finchley Central tube station, which provides BDR skin care treatments, and we decided to try it. I have now had six treatments, and have been using the ‘homecare’ products daily. I am amazed that finally something is working and I have noticed a huge difference in my skin and now I have almost no inflammation or spots. Many people I know have mentioned this and it is a huge confidence boost. I would completely recommend the treatment to anyone in a similar situation, and am very thankful to finally have a solution, and to everyone at the Revolution & Impression Beauty Clinic.”   Tristan Ch. Windsor

I had a BDR treatment and can totally feel and see the difference, only after one treatment, my skin is glowing! ” Nada ,North London

BDR -This is by far the best facial treatment, I have ever had! After years my face is smooth and glowing. Jeannette is very friendly and always explains everything in the way that I can understad. It’s always a great experience. I highly recommend this or any other treatments in Revolution & Impression Beauty Clinic  .